Parent Handbook and forms

For a comprehensive look at the policies, procedures and guiding philosophy of The Cathedral School, a downloadable version of the Parent’s Handbook is available here.

Would you like to give your child the advantages of attending The Cathedral School? Click here for a printable enrollment form. For a personal tour of the school, or an interview appointment, call 904-353-4050. We look forward to hearing from you!

When you enroll your child or children at The Cathedral School, you’ll select one of three enrollment options:  (A) Traditional School Year, (B) Full Year, or (C) Traditional School Year/Part Summer. In addition you’ll be asked to complete an Enrollment Contract outlining the understanding between parents and the school. A printable copy of the Enrollment Contract is available here.

When your children attend The Cathedral School, it’s important that they have everything they need to make each day comfortable, rewarding and free of unnecessary distractions. We ask that parents supply each child with the supplies they’ll need according to age. A printable list of supplies is available here.